9th - 10th November 2013 The Gateway Hotel Ummed Ahmedabad
Seminar Topic : "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS Tonic to the Business "

Global Pharma in Indian IP Hospital... Read More

Dr. Rajeshkumar Acharya

Crossing the boundaries of Europe ...Read More

Mr. Laurence COHEN

On Development of Chinese .... Read More

Mr. Jason WANG

Position of Intellectual Property in Pharmaceutica... Read More

Mr. Kazuaki TASAKA

Patentability of subject matters in the fields ... Read More

Mr. Hiroshi HASEGAWA

Corporate strategy and IP Management...Read More

Mr. Kiyoshi KUZUWA

The ForthcomingEuropean Unitary Patent... ...Read More

Mr. Markus MUSCHKE

US Patent Law: Functional Claiming and the...Read More

Mr. Rupam BHAR

Tips for Intellectual Property strategy ...Read More

Ms. Shusa ENDOH

Comparative analysis: protection of ... Read More

Mr. François NEUVILLE

Global Patent Disputes...Read More

Prof. Dr. Heinz GODDAR

Patent litigation in major European countries, ...Read More

Dr. Maximilian ENGELHARD