25th - 26th February 2023 Renaissance Hotel Ahmedabad
Seminar Topic : "IPRs and Knowledge Driven Economies"

Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Driven Economies ... Read More

Dr. Omkar acharya

Economic Advantages Through Strategic Coordination ...Read More

Dr. David K. HO

Economic Advantages Through Strategic Coordination ...Read More

Ms. Betty R. YU

5 Trillion $ Economy and Role Of IPR... Read More

Dr. Suhas Kulkarni


Mrs. Sarai Arkoulis

The Role Of Technology In Protecting IPR: ... Read More

Mr. Vikas Jain

Innovation-Driven Growth in South Korea ...Read More

Mr. Junghoon LIM

New Challenges in Trademark and Copyright Protection... Read More

Mr. Mark Peroff

Brand protection strategiesRead More

Mr. Sameet Gambhir

The upcoming European patent system UPC Read More

Dr. Dominik Preusche

Dimensions of IPR in 21st Century : Trends, Prospects and Issues Read More

Mr. Padmin Buch

Brazilian and German IP norms and their respective ...Read More

Mr. Volkhart Hanewald

Parallel Importation in Israel – The Story about SchweppesRead More

Mr. David Colb

Identifying Potential Ideas And Concepts ... Read More

Mr. Manish Garg

IP Rights and Compliance in Business Read More

Ms. Laide Adeyemo